Thursday, August 8, 2013


A family member once asked me, sheepishly: 
"Would you perhaps consider sharing your recipe with me?" Here's how I feel about that... 
I put a ton of care into creating all of my recipes and my biggest joy is sharing my creations with people I love! And if I can't make them for you, and you'd like to make them for yourself, that's awesome! If I can contribute a little extra sparkle to your life, encourage you to care for yourself, or help you in any way through my recipes and experiences, that seriously fills me with so much happiness.

For those of you with health challenges, most of these recipes are low-energy-friendly. Meaning, it's easy to break them into segments and do a little a time. I often complete a recipe over several days! For a long time I rarely cooked because it seemed like this huge energy expenditure and I had none to spare. But I missed it so much that I started to get creative. I also do as much prep work as I can from a comfy chair or even my bed. Just throw an old sheet down first to protect it. If I need to be at the stove for awhile, I pull up a stool. Now I get to do something I love without feeling overwhelmed by it. 

I do want to apologize for the lack of photos in some recipes. I don't usually think to whip out the camera when I'm cooking but from now on I'll make sure to. For now, please bear with me!

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